Bellamianta glycolic Body Scrub

Bellamianta glycolic Body Scrub

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Bellamianta Glycolic Body Scrub

Bellamianta's Triple Action Glycolic Body Scrub uses a unique process of easy and non-harsh tan removal, for even the toughest of tans.

Using a combination of rich oils such as Avocado and cleansing Sunflower Oil to soften the skin, and a mixture of AHA's, glycolic and lactic acid, it naturally and gently exfoliates the skin. All of this is combined with natural exfoliating grains and using Bellamianta's exfoliating mitt, you can easily and gently exfoliate the excess dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smooth, clean and renewed.

Bellamianta's Triple Action Glycolic Body Scrub has beenenriched with a blend of enzymes which are hugely beneficial in exfoliation and enhancing cellular renewal - to promote a natural radiant glow. The unique blend of essential oils soothe, relax and nourish the skin and mind.

Bellamianta's Triple Action Glycolic Body Scrub is perfect for the removal of excess dead skin cells and tan, preparing your skin beautifully for a fresh layer of tan.

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