Plush brush full eye collection

Plush brush full eye collection

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Plush Brushes 10 Piece complete eye set. Designed with soft synthetic fibre bristles to create a professional finished eye look.


101 Base/Conceal - Plush Brush Duo brush the large brush end is ideal for concealing and applying base around the eye area,while its smaller end is perfect for more percise eye definning looks such as your cut crease. 


102 Angle Liner /Brow Brush - Creating a  defined brow look or winged liner.

103 Spoolie - Tapered soft spoolie head for brushing brows into place 

104 Deluxe Liner Brush - Perfect for creating that flawless eyeline.

105 Large Fluffy blender- Large fluffy brush perfect for appliction of transition colours.

106 Blender Brush- Perfect for shading and blending.

107 Small tapered blender Brush- For use on the contour of the eyes to blend colours.

108 Smudger Brush-Applies shades and blends eye colour along the lash line.

109 Small Pencil Brush-  Precise shading and smoothing edges along the eyelid.

110  Precision Brush - Small end fluffy brush to get in and around the contour of the eyes.