Rosie Kirk Premium Blender

Rosie Kirk Premium Blender

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Achieve a flawless base with the Rosie Kirk Premium Blender. 

With 360 degrees of edgeless perfection and an innovation open cell structure that retains moisture to minimise makeup absorption (less waste of product) this Rosie Kirk Premium Blender gives optimal dispersion of base, concealer, blush and bronzer to give skin a beautiful, soft focus finish. Just dampen the sponge - it expands to twice in size when wet. 

Bounce product over skin to achieve a flawless effect

Latex Free, Non Irritating, Non Allergenic, Odour Free, Long Lasting and Easy To Clean.

How To Use 

It's Simple -  

Wet with water for each use

Squeeze out excess liquid

Bounce powder or liquids for a flawless finish