Thalgo spiruline boost flash routine

Thalgo spiruline boost flash routine

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Contains: Resurfacing Cream 30 ml+Energising Anti-Pollution Gel-Cream 30 ml+Energising Detoxifying Serum 10 ml/Crème Resurfaçante 30 ml+Gel-Crème Énergisant Anti-Polution 30 ml+ Sérum Énergisant Détoxifiant 10ml

 Resurfacing Cream - 30 ml The combination of aluminium oxide micro-crystals (identical to those used by dermatologists) and a formula rich in Shea Butter make the Resurfacing Cream a highly effective exfoliator that does not dry out the skin. From the very first application, the texture of your skin is superbly enhanced: it feels smoother, softer and more supple.

Your complexion appears more luminous. - Energising Anti-Pollution Gel-Cream - 30 ml This gel-cream enriched in energising Spirulina and boosted in Marine Magnesium, contains an algae complex that forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the skin. This true “shield” protects the skin from external stress factors and works to prevent fine polluting particles from settling on the skin.

Day after day, the first wrinkles are smoothed, the skin gains in radiance and resists the stress of daily life better. - Energising Detoxifying Serum - 10 ml This serum with a fresh and translucent texture is ultra-concentrated in energising Spirulina and boosted with Marine Magnesium. It intensely revives the skin's natural radiance and smooths first wrinkles. Immediately following application, skin is smoother and the complexion fresher. Day after day, skin can breathe again and the complexion is more radiant, as if detoxified. The first signs of ageing fade.